Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Postgraduate study is often a lonely journey. Some students feel isolated from the campus community and even society at large. To overcome this, a group of BSc Honours Geography students at North West University, who are determined to overcome their challenges, are coming together as a unit to achieve their individual academic goals.

The focus of their studies are climatology, geomorphology and environmental management. Therefore, fieldwork is a big component of their academics. Unfortunately, challenges range from a lack of field excursions to link theory with practice. The Geography department has also suffered a great loss of staff which left most of the group without supervisors and now have to outsource research supervision.

The group as whole does not want to fail so, they’ve become peer-mentors, sharing knowledge and motivating one another.

Michael Petrie explains their dedication “over the Easter weekend our group decided to come together in preparation for tests and presentations that would follow after the holiday. We knew that there was much work to be done and we decided to share the workload as a group and have active discussions about topics relating to the course outline.”

Most members of the group would prefer to move on to complete their Masters and job hunt in the related geography fields such as Geographical Information Systems or Environmental Management.

In the end their vision is to “give back to the community in terms of protecting the environment as it plays an important role in the survival and health of humanity.”

It is clear this group will reap the benefits of their dedication. WESSA #OMY is cheering for you and wish you well for the remainder of the academic year.